Tuesday, 13 June 2017

London baby


Really quick post. I'm just back for my little holiday in London. I had an amazing time so much so I forgot to take many photos.
 My friend has recently moved to London from Geneva. I got to stay with him in his lovely flat that looks over the Thames. I could lounge on the sofa and watch the boats go by, it was wonderful.

 This is now my favorite view in London.
This is the opposite of the river looking back at my friends flat. We walked under the Thames to get here.

The main reason for this post is to remind you that the next Amigurumi Clinic is this week. You can find details here

I really enjoy doing these events and meeting everyone who comes along. Hope to see some of you soon.

Told you it'd be short and sweet. Happy crocheting. Love Liz

Tuesday, 6 June 2017


I am so excited about these new patterns. I have been wanting to do a set of Avengers patterns for nearly two years.

I have done a few different doll shapes before and I knew that they could be adapted to make these designs.
This was the shape I had originally planned to use.

I love this doll shape and it can show a lot of detail. The only problem was, these dolls take a while to make. The arms and legs are long and made separately. It all takes time and its very repetitive.
I knew I wanted a full set of the original eight Avengers and would probably want to expand and make more later. Making them this doll style would take a couple of days to make each doll. I knew I'd get bored making so many, so I've put off making them altogether.

It was by happy accident I worked out the new doll shape design. I mentioned it in my last blog post. I made the Guardians set and I was so happy with how they turned out. The dolls are smaller but much cuter, I could still get a lot of detail in and they would be the perfect size to fit in a hand.

 These are so easy to make aswell. I already had lots of lovely feedback on the Guardians set and I know you are going to all love making these too.

You can make one in an afternoon, easily. The head, body and legs are all made in one piece. You don't even need to use a stitch marker when you make the arms. I'll show you that trick if you come and join me at the next Amigurumi clinic on the 15th June 2017 at The York makery
They also fun to make in a hour or so you got most of it done and just have a bit of detail to add.
They really are super easy to make and they are just adorable.

The link to the pattern for the full set is here.
They are also available as single patterns or you can use my 5 for £10 discount and pick your favorites.
They are all on the new, lovely, printer friendly pattern format and are available in UK of US abbreviations.

Lets go through them, shall we.

Captain America

He is my favorite of this new set. He turned out the most adorable. We have had great fun playing Civil War with his shield and Iron Man. We always make them make up after they've been fight. I am a grown up, honest :)

Hulk. I wanted to do Banner aswell. I still might, but for this set I stayed with the big guy. Hes not scary here, hes far to cute for that.

Thor. Don't let the hair put you off, its super easy to do and I've put a step by step in the pattern. You also have endless hours of fun playing with his little hammer. Are you worthy?

Next up is Iron Man. Couldn't have an Avengers set with out him, could we. Now you can make you own and give him a cuddles, because I think he needs one. I may do an unmasked version of this in an expansion set or the Spiderman home coming set. If that would be something you'd like let me know in the comments.

Vision joined the Avengers in Age of Ultron and I really wanted him in the big eight set. I'm really looking forward to Infinity war and I think Vision is gonna be a huge part of that.

Wanda - Scarlet witch.
I have a friend who is slightly obsessed with Wanda. She does cosplay and Wanda is her favorite character. I had to get this so right or she was going to be upset with me. Think I nailed it :)

Black widow. Shes such a bad ass, I love her. I know you'll all love this pattern. There is a really easy trick to the hair that I take you through in the pattern.

I kinda sucks that are only two girls in this set up. I think we need to find some more from the MCU to add into the next set. Comment with you favorite super lady and I'll add it to the list.

Last up is Hawkeye. Adorable Clint. I needed to get the quiff right and I love how it turned out. There are instructions on how to make the bow in the pattern but you can always get a small toy one if you want to make him look really cool.

That them all. The big eight. More are defiantly coming. I thinking of a Harry Potter set and a Game of Thrones set. I would also love to do all 13 Doctors Whos and the cast of Community, oh and a DC set is coming up next.

You can meet all these guys at the next amigurumi clinic. I'll be showing off lots of tips and how to make hair, its gonna be really fun.

So thats all for today. I'm actually on holiday this week. I have a few magazine commissions to work on, then I'm off to see my wonderful friend in London for  a couple of days. I'm very excited, it'll be my first proper holiday in 5 years and its only because you guys buy my patterns that I can afford to go.

Thank you for all the lovely feedback you've been sending in about these patterns. It is like getting a warm hug

Happy crocheting my lovely geeks xxxxx

Friday, 26 May 2017


I wrote a couple of weeks ago about my latest Groot pattern. Well I've got a bit carried away since then. :)

I've been working on a humanoid shape for amigurumi because I wanted to make a set of avengers dolls. I made a few different designs of doll shapes, they were ok but they took a while to make and were a bit fiddly and I just wasn't very happy about recreating the shape so many time to make all the avengers.

I Started again on a different style of doll and starting making a Deadpool doll. This worked ok I had a large head and then a smaller body that worked from the legs up. It was working but I wasn't a 100% happy, so it got put to one side and never made.

After making Groot I had the idea to make some of the other Guardians. I started with Gamora and made the same size head I'd made for Deadpool. Instead of finishing off the head I went straight into the body and made it all in one piece.

After that she was finished pretty quickly. I was so happy with the shape, she just adorable.

Next I made Drax to again test the shape and see it it worked for a boy. I then was on a bit of a roll so I started on starlord. He has sideburns :) The mask was a bit complicated to figure out but I've managed to make it really simple for the pattern.

 It was pretty obvious now that I was going to make all of the Guardians. My original Groot pattern didn't fit with the set though. I was happy to make a new one that did. You can never have too many Groot in your life right. I only have four thats not a lot right... ?


 Next I made Yondu. I think this might be my favorite for the set. He does steal the film and I had a good old cry at the end. There is a lot of detail on him and I just love his goatee. 
 Mantis was a very quick make as there isn't as much detail. She is such a cutie though.
I left Rocket till nearly last as my brain couldn't figure out how to use my new shape doll to make the racoon design. I had the idea to use stitching rather than colour work after doing Starlords hair. Its actually a really simple technique and I'll be using in lots more in future. I'm really happy with the finished design its just how I wanted it to look.
Finally I made Nebula. She took longer the the rest to make because I wanted to use colour-work on her face but I couldn't do it an a way to make the pattern simple enough for all followers. In the end I made a stripe to be sewn on. I am really happy with the finished doll. Its how I pictured it but I am happy with how she turned out

All together now the amigurumi Guardians for the galaxy.

The best thing about these pattern is they so quick to make. I made all these in one week.

All the patterns are available from my etsy shop link here

Single patterns are £2.50 excluding vat while the movies is in the cinema
the full set is £15 excluding vat

Single patterns will be going up to the normal full price of £3.50 at the end of May 2017
The full set will stay at £15

The Gamora pattern will be available free in the next newsletter which will be sent out mid June 2017

I'm a bit addicted to making these designs now so this blog my become a bit of a geek out place for a while. I have started work on the Avengers, Deadpool has been redone and is nearly finished. I also have a Wonder woman and Spiderman coming soon.

The possibility with these designs are endless. I am defiantly doing another set of eight for the Avenger. I would love to do a Game of thrones set and maybe Harry Potter. Ooh theres so many I could make.

If you are bursting with suggestions to do comment.

Thats all today, happy crocheting. Love Liz xxx

Tuesday, 9 May 2017

'lil bit more Groot

Thank you for everyone who singed up to may newsletter. The first issue when out on May 1st.
 In the newsletter this time was my first Marvel pattern for this Little Groot for the Guardians of the galaxy 2 film.

Me and 'lil Groot when to see the film on the release day and it is fantastic. I keep wanting to go back and see it again before it leave cinemas. Baby or 'lil Groot as I like to call him steals the show from beginning to end. I love it. Best film I've seen in a long, long time.
 This is me and 'lil Groot after we got back from the cinema. We are very happy.

This is just a fun photo I took of all my Groots. It makes it look like they are growing up. If you've seen the film and stayed to the end you'll know I'll be adding another to this line up shortly :)

I hope everyone who got the newsletter enjoyed the free pattern. Well I know you have, because you've told me and thats fantastic.

If you missed this newsletter you can get on the list for the next one it'll be out at the beginning of June and will have another free pattern.

If you missed the newsletter but you want a Groot. He's available to buy from my etsy pattern shop. Hes at the low price of £2.50 while the films in theaters but will go up to my normal price of £3.50 after that.

Thanks again to everyone who has been buying lots of patterns and leaving such wonderful feeback and sharing photos. It really does make me happy.

Just a quick post this week. I'm working mainly on magazine commissions so I can't share what I'm working on. I think there is a new Love Crochet mag out this week with a few of my designs in but I'll do another post when I have the pictures.

Thats for today. happy crocheting. Love Liz

Tuesday, 25 April 2017

'lil Groot

I came a bit late to the party with the first Guardians of the Galaxy film. I saw it first on Netflix when it had been out for a while. I loved it, of course, its a great film but most of all I wanted a baby Groot.

I knew I could design one myself but first I did an image search on Pinterest to see what else was out there.

I found Twinkle Chans pattern for a baby Groot and it was perfect and free. 

I made this one a few years ago from her pattern.

 Then last year I made another. I changed the pattern a bit for this one and made it with 4ply yarn so its smaller. This is the one that sits on my geek shelf surrounded by fairy lights so it looks like hes dancing :)
 I had that many people wanting them that I batch made a few for some Christmas presents. Can you believe I managed to make all four of these in a day.

I have been very excited about the new Guardians film coming out at the end of this week. I keep watching the trailers just to see 'lil Groot now out of his pot and looking adorable.

I had planned to make this is a similar way to the baby Groot and had written the pattern out to make up last Sunday. Fate however got in the way and I had a surprise visit from my friend who lives in London. We had a perfect relaxing Sunday. No work got done but I had a lovely fun time.

Then as I was walking to the shops yesterday morning, thinking about bat wings. This is not uncommon, it might sound a bit weird. I try and work out patterns in my head as I'm walking and bat wings I have been stuck on for a long, long time. I really want to make a great bat design but I'm stuck on the wings.
I was thinking about a way I'd done fairy wings in the past by making a piece of crochet that fans out naturally. Suddenly I was struck by the thought of what if it would work for the new 'lil Groot. If it did I could make the body and legs in one piece and the would form the shape and have the additional benefit of having ribs running top to bottom.
 By the time I was home I had a pretty good idea how to form the pattern. I got on the laptop to do the maths and then I knew it was gonna work.

Its a beautifully simple pattern, I'm very proud of it. Most of it isn't worked in the round so its unbelievably simple and quick to make. By mid afternoon I'd made him and could get some nice photos.

 Isn't he lovely?
So of course you want to make one, like now before the film comes out, right :)

Well, I have released the pattern in my etsy shop you can get it here right now
Or if you sign up to my new newsletter you will get the pattern for free in the first issue

***Update 02/06/2017 This newsletter has gone out. The Groot pattern is now only available from Etsy pattern shop. The next newsletter will be coming out at the end of June 2017 and will contain a different free pattern.****

To get the newsletter- see top right of the blog page - enter your email where it says join our mailing list

I am only going to be sending out a newsletter every other month or so but they will all have a free pattern in them so its worth signing up now

Happy :)
Oh one last thing. I will be making a version of my 'lil Groot in his Guardians jumpsuit aswell so stay tuned for that one. happy crocheting, love Liz xxx

Friday, 21 April 2017

Fun at The Makery

 Yesterday was the second Amigurumi clinic at The York makery

We all had a great time. It was so much fun. Thank you to everyone who came along xxx
I actually remembered to take some photos this time. They are a bit blurry we were quite giggly.

I had planned lots of fun demos and I brought lots of my amigurumi along for us to play with. You can see my pink dino and bubblebun in this pic.

 I did a demonstration on how to do various types of hair. The doll getting her hair done above is one of the first of my new set of Avengers dolls Scarlet witch. It was really great to be able to explain the ways I create hair on a doll. I still think its one of my favorite things to create different hairstyles.

 Niffler got lots of cuddles and Hamish who you can just see in the back of this pic is my highland cow who is in the latest issue of Crochet now magazine.

 One of the guests learning how to attach limbs. Here she is finishing off attaching arms to a new penguin design of mine. Its part of the upcoming new set of fat friends.

 Slightly better pic of Hamish my highland cow. He is really just a ball of fluff but he's a great one to cuddle.

The York Makery is such a wonderful setting for these sessions. Its full of beautiful craft stuff and yummy yarn. Its a good job my bag was full of amigurumis or I would have spent a fortune.

I really love doing these events. Its a so much fun helping people with their amigurumi projects. I am always inspired by the people I meet. I think I've come away with more ideas for designs to make than I would ever have time to make them all. I am itching to get started on some of them though.

Thanks again to everyone who came along.

The next Amigurumi clinic is set for June 15th - put it on your calendar now xxx

Next up.
I have set up a newsletter. Its very new, the first one hasn't gone out yet so there is plenty of time to sign up.
The newsletter will have exclusive discounts, free patterns, pics and news that won't be available anywhere else.
If you are a fan of my patterns and my blog please sign up.
The first newsletter will be going out at the end of April and will include a free pattern. Little hint if you are excited about the new Guardians of the galaxy film, you will love this free pattern, believe me :)

Toadstool Hat & Rattle
Finally. A while ago I talked about a pattern I'd done for Lets Knit magazine. It was a toadstool rattle and baby beanie. I hadn't seen it in print then -but look here it is. LGC tagged me into this pic on Instagram yesterday. Thank you so much.

Best of all they have set it up as a free pattern on their website click here

Thats it for this week. I'm gonna have a weekend of geeking out watching marvel movies and working on my Avengers patterns.

Happy crocheting love Liz xxx

Friday, 14 April 2017


 This is a design I did quite a while ago for Crochet Now magazine. I never wrote about it on the blog. Shes just come back from the magazine so I was a able to photo her and I thought I've give her a bit of a write up as she's a very special doll for me.

Anyone who follow me on Pinterest will know I have a bit of an obsession with old film posters especially old sci-fi ones.
I created a few space themed designs and there will be more to come no doubt. This was one that seem to take a lot of time to get commissioned. I think I pitched it to a couple of other magazines before Crochet Now went for it. I kept pitching it because I really wanted to make it.

I just wanted to make a really cool 1950 style space-girl doll. The main things I wanted to try was a different way of doing hair. I had seem a knitted version of bobbed dolls hair and knew there must be a way to create the same sort of thing in crochet.
 Its actually worked in just two pieces. Making it a much simpler way to make hair that knotting and platting. Its much quicker too. It looks pretty dapper aswell :)

 There are some really cute little details on this design that I just love. Most of them I've done it the silver grey so the stand out against the bright turquoise of the dress. She doesn't really fit in my light box so I haven't got a really good photo of her full length, but I think you can see most of the details in these.
 I've updated the pattern to the new printer friendly template. It is available in my etsy pattern shop for instant download, in both UK and US abbreviations.
 I would also really like to thank the lady who can't in to Duttons for Buttons to see me. She'd brought me a Easter egg as a thank you for sending her a pattern for my honeycomb cowl
She'd been in before and seen me wearing it. She bought some of the wool to make it and I gave her my details so she could find the pattern online.

We had a few problems and she couldn't get the pattern from my etsy pattern shop so in the end I emailed her a copy.
If you read my blog, thank you so much for the Easter egg it was a lovely. I'm glad you enjoyed making the pattern xxx

If anyone else has problems getting any of my patterns or you don't want to sign up to etsy please get in touch. my email is amigrumibarmy@gmail.com 
I am happy to print and post patterns or send direct via email. You could even pick them up in person at one of my Amigurumi clinics at The York makery if we sort it in advance.

 Right on to more work. I have a new design out in this months issue Lets Get Crafting - knitting and crochet. This is a set of geometric coasters. Its pretty simple design but I really like the way the colours go together. Geometric things are so on trend right now. I might expand on these and turn them into cushion patterns. If I get some spare time that is.

 I've also put together an Easter bundle as an Easter treat to everyone. Its 6 individual patterns with a total of 10 designs all together at a very special price of £5 (not including VAT) Normal price would be nearer £20 to get all these patterns
This Easter bundle can be found by flowing this link.
I will keep it at the discounted price till the end of April

Finally just another little reminder about the drop in amigurumi clinic. First I've made a bit of a poster so please copy. paste and share it around your crochet clubs and forums. This is a totally free event. Please bring along your projects you are working on or things you are stuck with. If you've made any of my designs and what to bring them to show them off, they'd be amazing to see too.

 If you are planning on coming along and have any special requests for demos or stitches you would like to see, please get in touch. use the comment section below of find me via email or facebook. I am not planning on taking my micro crochet kit this time, but I will do if I get requests.

Everyone who does come along will get a free pattern and a special discount code for my etsy pattern shop giving the 50% off their first purchase from my store.

Thats it for today. Can you believe I've got two Christmas commissions to start work on today. It gets earlier every year. I'll try not to get easter egg chocolate on the snowmen :)

Happy crocheting xxx